Tuesday, May 15, 2012

84 Records

HARD CD/LP 1            Condemned 84     Face The Aggression
HARD CD/LP 2            Condemned 84     The Boots Go Marching In
HARD CD/LP 3            Condemned 84     Storming To Power
HARD CD 4                  Condemned 84    The Best Of Condemned 84
HARDMCD 5                Condemned 84    Battle Scarred
HARD LP 6                   Combat 84     Charge Of The 7th Cavalry
HARD LP 7                   Condemned 84     Amongst The Thugs
HARD LP 8                   Condemned 84     Blood On Yer Face!
HARD CD 9                   4 Skins - From Chaos To 1984
HARD CD 10                 Straw Dogs      91-97
HARD LP 11                  Various     British Oi! - Working Class Anthems
HARD CD 12                 Blank Generation     Out Of My Head
HARD CD 13                 Condemned 84 - Live & Loud
HARD CD/LP 14           Close Shave     Hard As Nails
HARD CD/LP 15           Code 1      Telling It Like It Is
HARD CD 16                 The Glory     We Are What We Are
HARD CD 17                 Razorblade      Dutch Steel
HARD CD/LP 18           On File     Breaking Rules
HARD CD/LP 19           Booze & Glory     Always On The Wrong Side
HARD CD20/DLP20     Retaliator     Complete Singles And Rarities
HARD CD 21                 Booze & Glory     Trouble Free
HARD PD 69                 Booze & Glory   Always On the Wrong Side

MLP 001     Condemned 84     Battle Scarred
Oi EP 1         Condemned 84    Oi! Ain't Dead

Friday, April 6, 2012

Updates For Spring 2012

Since my DL sites got axed, I'm going back and updating this site. Filling in some of the blanks, and hopefully a few more labels. Especially interested in the cassette only releases that have all but disappeared from history.

I might make a foray into a demo and 'zine compilation tape blog.