Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sonic Aggression Records

NR 101 - Bruisers - Independence Day EP Cassette [Nirvana Records] (1990)
NR 003 - Bruisers - American Night EP [Nirvana Records]

SA 001-07 - Bruisers - Intimidation 7" (1991)
SA 002-07 - Patriot - Crime of the times 7" - (1992)
SA 003-07 - Templars The Poor Knights of Acre - 7" (1993)
SA 004-07 - Wrecking Crew - s/t 7" (1993)
SA 005 - Pist 'n' Broke - Detroit Casette (1993)
SA 006-07 - Pist and broke 7" (1994)

PR-101 - Bruisers - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' CD/Cassette [Primtive Records] (1993)

After the 1st single came out on Patriot, Jack folded the label and we went searching for a new outlet. In came a friend of mine from high school with an offer to put out the 7 song cassette "Independence Day" on his label that he called Nirvana Records (this was pre-Nirvana the band made it and had nothing to do with them). He put that 7 song cassette out, and a year later when we were ready to do the "American Night" single the band Nirvana had made it big and he didn't want the confusion so he changed the label's name to "Sonic Aggression". Around this time he also put out the Patriot, Pist N Broke, Templars and releases. In 1994 when we were ready to release our 1st cd he changed the name AGAIN to Primitive Records and Cruisin' for a Bruisin' was released on cd and cassette under that label name, but all three labels were the same guy. It was more or less a one man show with a little help from me and another friend.
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