Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dischord Records: the first 100

1 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance
2 State of Alert No Policy
3 Minor Threat Minor Threat
4 Government Issue Legless Bull
4½ Necros I.Q. 32 Touch and Go Records
5 Minor Threat In My Eyes Limp Records
6 Youth Brigade Possible E.P.
7 various artists Flex Your Head Alternative Tentacles
(UK release)
7½ SSD The Kids Will Have Their Say X-Claim Records
8 Void / Faith Void/Faith split
8½ Iron Cross Skinhead Glory Skinflint Records
9 Scream Still Screaming
10 Minor Threat Out of Step
10½ Double-O You've Lost R & B Records
10¾ Government Issue Boycott Stabb Fountain of Youth Records
Giant Records (2nd pressing)
10⅞ United Mutation Fugitive Family DSI Records
11 Faith Subject to Change
12 Minor Threat First two 7"s on a 12"
13 Marginal Man Identity
14 various artists Dischord 1981: The Year in 7"s
15 Minor Threat Salad Days
15½ Scream This Side Up Rough Trade Records
15¾ Reptile House I Stumble as the Crow Flies Druid Hill
16 Rites of Spring Rites of Spring
17 Beefeater Plays for Lovers
17½ Mission Impossible /
Lünchmeat Thanks / Getting Shit for Growing up Different Sammich Records
18 The Snakes I Won't Love You 'til You're More Like Me Discard Records
19 Dag Nasty Can I Say
20 Egg Hunt Me and You
21 Gray Matter Take it Back
22 Rites of Spring All Through a Life
22½ Soul Side Less Deep Inside Keeps Sammich Records
23 Beefeater House Burning Down
24 Embrace Embrace
25 Scream Banging the Drum
26 Dag Nasty Wig Out at Denko's
26½ Ignition Anger Means / Proven Hollow Ig Records
26¾ Shudder to Think It Was Arson Sammich Records
27 Minor Threat Live
28 Fire Party Fire Party
29 Soul Side Trigger Sammich Records
30 Fugazi Fugazi
31 Ignition Machination Ig Records
32 various artists State of the Union
33 Three Dark Days Coming
33⅓ Vile Cherubs Post Humorous Relief Cherubic Delusions
33⅔ Holy Rollers Origami Sessions Adult Swim Records
34 Soul Side Soul Side
35 Fugazi Margin Walker
36 13 Songs
37 Fire Party New Orleans Opera
38 Soul Side Hot Bodi-Gram
39 Ignition Orafying Mysticle
40 Minor Threat Complete Discography
41 Fidelity Jones Piltdown Lad
42 Holy Rollers As Is
43 Fugazi 3 Songs Sub Pop Singles Club
44 Repeater
45 Repeater + 3 Songs
45½ Jawbox Jawbox DeSoto Records
46 Shudder to Think Ten Spot
46½ Nation of Ulysses Nation of Ulysses K Records
47 Fidelity Jones Venus on Lovely
48 Gray Matter Food for Thought
49 Take it Back / Food for Thought
50 Skewbald / Grand Union Skewbald / Grand Union
50½ a Lungfish Necklace of Heads Simple Machines
50½ b The Snakes Happy Adult Swim Records
51 Soul Side Soon Come Happy
52 Jawbox Grippe
53 Dag Nasty Can I Say / Wig Out
54 Shudder to Think Funeral at the Movies
55 Funeral at the Movies and Ten Spot
56 High Back Chairs Of Two Minds
57 Nation of Ulysses 13-Point Program to Destroy America
57½ Severin Fire and Sand Superbad Records
58 Holy Rollers Fabuley
58½ Gray Matter 4 Songs WGNS
59 Holy Rollers Fabuley / As Is
60 Fugazi Steady Diet of Nothing
60½ Autoclave Go Far K Records
61 Jawbox Tongues
61½ Desiderata Desiderata Desiderata
62 Nation of Ulysses The Birth of a Ulysses Aesthetic:
The Synthesis of Speed and Transformation
63 Circus Lupus Super Genius
64 Beefeater Plays for Lovers and House Burning Down
65 Lungfish Talking Songs for Walking
65½ Autoclave 6 Songs Mira Records
66 Lungfish Talking Songs for Walking / Simple Machines
67 Shudder to Think Get Your Goat
68 Gray Matter Thog
68.72 Gray Matter / Severin split Superbad Records
69 Jawbox Novelty
70 Fugazi In on the Kill Taker
71 Nation of Ulysses Plays Pretty for Baby
72 Severin Acid to Ashes and Rust to Dust
72½ Severin Smash Hits
73 Circus Lupus Circus Lupus
74 High Back Chairs Share / One Small Step
75 Curiosity and Relief
75½ Circus Lupus / Trenchmouth split Skene! Records
76 Shudder to Think Hit Liquor
76½ Suture Suture Decomposition Records
77 Jawbox Jackpot Plus!
77.7 Jawbox / Tar Static (split) Touch and Go Records
78 Lungfish Rainbows from Atoms
79 Circus Lupus Solid Brass
79½ Hoover Sidecar Freddie Hoover Limited
80 Fugazi Instrument
81 Scream Still Screaming / This Side Up
82 Fumble / Banging the Drum
83 Fumble
84 Holy Rollers Toy
85 Slant 6 What Kind of Monster Are You
85½ Rain Like the Sound of Trains Washington Bullets Rebel Music
86 Holy Rollers Holy Rollers
86½ Hoover Private Hoover Limited
87 Faith/Void Faith/Void/Faith
87½ Rain Like the Sound of Trains Bad Man's Grave Rebel Music
88 Ignition Complete Services
89 Hoover Lurid Traversal of Rte. 7
90 Fugazi Red Medicine
91 Slant 6 Soda Pop-Rip Off
91½ Norman Mayer Group Point Blank / Ketchup Mira Records
92 Lungfish Pass and Stow
92½ Severin Upside Down Superbad Records
93 Trusty Goodbye Dr. Fate
93½ Las Mordidas Surrounded Compulsiv Records
94 Slant 6 Inzombia
94½ Antimony Red Herring Regulus Records
95 Branch Manager Branch Manager
95½ Tone Build Independent Projects Records
96 Smart Went Crazy Now We're Even
96½ Rain Like the Sound of Trains Rain Like the Sound of Trains Rebel Music
97 Lungfish Sound in Time
97½ Norman Mayer Group Real Heart Monumental Recordings
97¾ Second Thought Lily's Stroke Liberation Communications
98 The Crownhate Ruin Until the Eagle Grins
98½ The Delta 72 On the Rocks Kill Rock Stars
98¾ Corm The Conservation of Momentum Shute Records
99 The Make-Up Destination: Love - Live! At Cold Rice
99½ Lungfish 2 Songs Walker Records
99¾ Red Eye Special Delivery to My Heart Decomposition Records
100 Teen Idles Anniversary

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