Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hata Age Records


HATA-001 Raise A Flag - We are the Skinheads CD
HATA-002 The Braces - Banner of the Victory 7"
HATA-003 Armour - Love no flame CD (鎧 - 愛國ノ炎 )
HATA-004 Crawler - Rumbling of a Mountain CD
HATA-005 Raise A Flag - Never Change My Way CD
HATA-006 V/A - Up the Oi! CD
HATA-007 V/A - 8 state no Rumbling CD ( 八洲ノ地鳴り)
HATA-008 V/A - Hata Age Records Sampler CD
HATA-009 Raise A Flag / Crawler - League of Faith vol. 1 CD
HATA-010 Shadow Wolf - Demo CD-R ( 影狼 )
HATA-011 Raise A Flag - Departure CD

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