Friday, September 11, 2009

Street Anthem Records

SAR001 Ultima Thule/Hel "Genom Eld Och Aska" split LP w/ 7"
SAR002 The Riot Squad "Another Heartbreak" CD EP (
SAR003 Dirty Water "S/T" CD EP
SAR004 Maddog Surrender/Urban Riot split 7"
SAR005 V/A "Oi! A Tribute" CD
SAR006 The Agitators "Meeting the Lads" CD
SAR007 Broken Heroes/Weekend Warriors "Beer Guts and Drunk Sluts" Split CD
SAR008 Sweet Poison (used to be the Riot Squad) "Yesterdays Sweethearts" CD
SAR009 Joe Coffee "Bright As the Stars We're Under" CD EP
SAR010 Blitzkrieg/Paradox UK "The Gathering Storm" Split CD
SAR012 American Static "Soundtrack of the Struggle" CD
SAR013 Tommy Gutless "Death, Honor or Glorybound" CD
SAR014 Weekend Warriors - S/T CD 2004
SAR015 Broken Heroes "I Told U Once!" CD
SAR016 Main Street Saints/Antagonizers Split CD
SAR017 Reno Divorce "Naysayers and Yesmen/Laugh Now Cry Later" CD
SAR018 Alleged Bricks "Place Your Blame" CD
SAR020 V/A "Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.2" Double CD
SAR021 Hudson Falcons "La Famiglia" CD
SAR022 Hudson Falcons "Singles Collection" CD
SAR024 Step2Far/Spider Crew "Hooligans" Split CD
SAR025 Dreadful Children "Dot to Dot" CD

SBR001 V/A "Streetpunk Worldwide" CD (Street Anthem/Bandworm Recs/Rebellion Recs)

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