Monday, December 13, 2010

Coldfront Records

CF-001 United Blood The Marco Sessions
CF-002 Doormats Edge of Insanity CD
CF-003 VA - Bay Area Checking in With the World
CF-004 Limp -s/t 7"
CF-005 United Blood / Pressure Point Split 7"
CF-006 Krupted Peasant Farmerz - Peasants By Birth
CF-007 loose Change - Fire It Up
CF-010 Electric Frankenstein, Up From The Streets 7"
CF-011 MORAL CRUX "I Was a Teenage Teenager
CF-012 Speedealer Speedealer
CF-013 El Diablo, Texas/+he $6.66 CDEP
CF-014 DWARVES, THE "How to Win Friends and Influence People
CF-015 MORAL CRUX "...And Nothing But the Truth"
CF-016 BILLYCLUB "Serve Loud"
CF-017 McRackins - Comicbooks And Bubblegum
CF-018 HAGFISH "Caught Live"
CF-019 Toilet Boys Living Like A Millionaire
CF-020 Wynona Riders - How To Make An American Quit
CF-024 Music To Listen To Music By CD
CF-025 Hagfish On Kroq´s Loveline
CF 027 Hagfish That Was Then, This Is Then
CF-028 Vindictives, The Hypno-Punko™
CF-029 The Travoltas, Modern World CD
CF-030 Punk, Rock & Soul CD
CF-031 American Heartbreak, Postcards From Hell CD
CF-033/AmPop 9 The Travoltas/Tuuli split 7"
CF 034 Plus Ones On the List
CF-035 Dead Boys Buried Gems
CF-036 Broken Rush Hour
CF-037 The Candy Snatchers, Survival Of The Fittest 7"
CF-040 Beatnik Termites, Pleasant Dreams LP
CF-042 Wesley Willis & The Dragnews* Shake Your Piggy Bank
CF 044 McRackins Too Tough to Die
CF-046 Dwarves, Come Clean LP
CF-048 American Heartbreak/Toilet Boys split 7"
CF-049 You Can't Kill Rock & Roll CD
CF-051 VA - Not So Quiet On The Coldfront
CF-052 Les Pauls & Breaking Glass CD
CF-056 The Travoltas, Teenbeat CD
CF-066 Sloppy Seconds Destroyed
CF-069 Henry Fiat's Open Sore Adulter Oriented Rock: Singles Collection 1997-2001
CF-070 Demonics, Ritual On The Beach CD

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