Monday, February 7, 2011

Strange Culture

SCR002  1997) The Maniacs - Lion's Bovver Brigade
SCR003  1997)Another side - cause of pain
SCR004  1997)The Official - JB riot skins EP
SCR005  1997)PROJECT AK-Against Kounterplot
SCR006  1997)Manifest – Of Fear And Pain EP
SCR009  1997)Groundrule - "Mind Hypnotized, Heart Paralyzed, Soul Tantalized
SCR013  1998)The RUDE BOYS-Kuching Skinhead Crew
SCR019  1998)TABARAKA/Kindread split
SCR021  1998) The Official - remember yesterday
SCR024  1998)SATURDAY HEROES-Oi Oi Oi City Boy
SCR028  1998)SOCIAL CURE-Reflection
SCR029  1998) ACAB demo 95
SCR033  1998)"Miaow City Attack Vol.1"
SCR037  1998) A.C.A.B. we are the skins
SCR038  1998)VA - Oi! The Next Generation
SCR0050-2LP VA-Oi! It’s a Malaysian League Vol.1
SCR055 1999) A.C.A.B. eastern Oi
SCR077-2LP 2001) A.C.A.B. Days Of Being Wild 1995-1999

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